Tuesday, November 4, 2008

POLITICS- Obama's Last Big Pull

This is my election post and it has nothing to do with the race. Scan down to the middle of this page and play the video, you don’t even have to bother to read the article, it’s just about the video anyway. I’ll wait.

Things like this really cause me to like Obama. A president with common sense who talks like a person. He could have launched into a diatribe about individuality and cultural sensitivity and been as full of shit as every other politician. Instead he answered it the same way every dad in the America would. Yeah, individuality, great, but quit being a moron and pull up your pants. Every dad, at one point or another, has said, “Look I know how it is. I did stupid shit when I was young. Now I’m older and I realize it’s stupid. Someday you will to.” Our dads said it to us. We said it to our kids. And if you haven’t yet then someday you’ll say it to your kids when they come home with hologram projectors in their foreheads.