Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well, there's a whole lot to talk about. Obama's quote saying Pennsylvanians are bitter. Us starting to really understand what Issac Asimov called reverse poisons (and we call vitamins) in part 3 of our series on vitamins. My own personal situation (perhaps interesting but not what I'd rather talk about) telling all men what women are really like. The new Iron Man movie. The newBatman movie. Who owns Superman. Why the Bush administration has now been proven to be an attempt to turn the American form of government to pure fascism. Why God is dead and life is pointless. Why the Matrix trilogy are the greates movie series in hisotry. Why logic is better than emotion but emotion is easier. Why we are all going to die and death is the defining truth in our universe. And far more. Stay tuned for real truth. But be warned that real truth is nothing you will find flattering. Most of what you've been told is mostly lies.

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