Wednesday, August 5, 2009

POLITICS- You Might Be a Republican If… don’t immediately see what’s wrong with this.

I mean, really. You have to wonder if Bill is this stupid or he thinks his viewers are this stupid. But I’m sure that I’ll think about it the next time I hear some Fox News/Rush Limbaugh supporter rail against long-haired, pin-headed, college-edjumacated know nothings. The worship of stupidity in this country and the arrogance of people, both stupid and smart, who don’t think that actually knowing what you are talking about and being able to use reason and logic to come to a decision is worthwhile. As Thomas Jefferson said, education performs the same purpose for intelligence that sharpening does for a knife. A dull knife is a worthless tool. And no matter how smart you are if you haven’t honed your mind by learning it does you no good.

Bill could stand to have his mind whetted by some basic math.

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