Saturday, May 1, 2010

CHRISTMAS IN MAY- the third time around

Hello. Back from the longest hiatus yet, I return like Santa Clause, bearing gifts for SINSOFMEMPHISTO’s THIRD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS IN MAY!!!

And just like every other May 1st, we kick things off with a rendition of Jonathan Coulton’s FIRST OF MAY. Although to follow his advice in my Confederate home today looks like it’s going to mean braving the fast approaching tornadoes we frequently have around this time of the year.

Nevertheless, here it is, Jonathan Coulton’s FIRST OF MAY with an added W(orld)O(f)W(arcraft) bonus. And a tag of one of my all time favorite Coulton songs NOT ABOUT YOU.

(And yah, NSFW.)

Tomorrow we remember a few past Christmas in May presents to mark their passing. What’s Christmas without a little depression?

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