Saturday, December 29, 2007

PERSONAL- Just what the world needs- a new blog!

Why would anybody else think the world needs to hear his or her internal monologue? One reason only, unadulterated hubris. Ego pure and simple.

That was easy. Next question.

I invented blogging in the early 1990’s. Not in the ‘wrote it down on paper and applied for a patent’ sense. More in the “My grandfather invented the clipboard.” “Really?” “Well, he often said that he wished he had a portable writing surface.” sense.* Back then I was making my first Webpage and learning HTML and wondering what I was going to do to keep the page fresh. This was a time when, almost unbelievably in the current days of ubiquitous commercial pages, most WebPages were just what I was planning- a hobby for nerds viewed by geeks. I decided that in addition to displaying my artwork I would augment the page with my personal musings about the state of the universe. I read once that the average human has two history changing ideas a year but most never bother to follow through on one of them in a lifetime. Blogging was one of mine that year.

So, what will this blog be ABOUT? I’ve noticed that successful blogs seem to keep to one topic almost exclusively and have a clear understandable point of view. With that in mind I plan to ricochet all over the place and write this in a William Burroughs stream-of-consciousness style covering every topic that comes into my head with no rhyme or reason. That should help.

*These quotes were pilfered from Aaron Sorkin’s Sportsnight TV series.

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