Monday, December 31, 2007

SPORTS- Titans in the Playoffs

The Tennessee Titans are going to the playoffs! Everybody expected that Payton Manning wouldn't play the whole game but it was a surprise to everyone that Tennessee wound up playing their second string QB for the last quarter and a half. Early word is that Vince Young will be back for the game next week. Just in time to lose to the Chargers, I fear.

So my picks for the first week of the playoffs are:

Redskins vs. Seahawks- Redskins, on a roll
Titans vs. Chargers- Chargers, slow start but a better team
Giants vs. Buccaneers- Bucs, despite the Giants’ strong showing against NE
Jaguars vs. Steelers- Jags, because every Florida team except Miami winning puts us firmly in the Bizzaro world.

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