Friday, July 4, 2008

MEDIA- Why $4 a Gallon Gas is Good

Just in case you had any naivete left about what passes for “news” from the “media”, Time magazine gives you 10 reasons why $4 gas is a good thing. To keep you from having to plod through Time’s glacial website for almost a dozen pages for almost twice as many short paragraphs with superfluous generic pictures, I’ll give you the 10 reasons quick and dirty.

1. jobs sent overseas return home.
2. the four day work week
3. Sprawl Stalls
4. Less pollution
5. More frugality
6. Fewer Traffic delays
7. Cheaper Insurance
8. Less traffic
9. More cops on the beat.
10. Less Obesity

So let’s get this straight. You won’t have cheap food and manufactured goods because of the brake on globalization. In addition to spending more for everything, your home energy bills will go up much faster than the rise of inflation because your employer is only letting you work four days a week- causing a spike in much more inefficient residential energy consumption. Because of all this you may have to give up owning a car entirely and move back into the city. This will offset how much more you are spending to live by relieving you of both the time you spend tied up in traffic and the amount you spend on car insurance (not to mention car payments, oil, tires, etc). Luckily the cops will be on foot as well so the city streets you and everybody else are walking should be safer (just don’t get robbed on the next block over). In addition you will be healthier, thinner (a combination of the extra energy requirements of your walking lifestyle and the price of food), and the skies will be bluer.

Gosh! We should have thought of this years ago! Who knew that not being able to afford gasoline would bring a human utopia?

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