Friday, August 29, 2008

POLITICS- Friday morning out picking VPs

Hot on the heels of the end of the DNC convention the talk is all about who McCain is going to pick for VP. Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, is the dark horse in the media this morning because there was a flight chartered from Anchorage to Ohio last night. If she is the pick it shows just how desperate the GOP is to grab the disgruntled Hillary voters. Palin has been governor for only two years, she has no foreign policy experience, and nobody in the country knows her. Frankly I think this is the media making a mountain out of a molehill. The idea of Biden mopping the floor with this relative neophyte during a debate has got to be more important to the GOP than reaching out to the women in the Democratic party who are acting like petulant children (and risk not only screwing up the election for the Democrats but giving ammunition to misogynists everywhere).

Frankly I’m going with the conventional wisdom that Romney is going to be the VP pick. It seems to follow the choices McCain’s campaign have made so far- misreading their own base. They seem to think that Romney will have both the experience in administration (so far 3 for 4 are legislators rather than executives) that is lacking so far and appeal to the religious fundamentalists who have become their core constituency. They don’t realize that the first doesn’t really matter and the second is just plain wrong. Thinking the fundamentalists identify with Mormonism would be the biggest mistake of the whole campaign so far.

But we still have several weeks for somebody to top it.

Tom Ridge- nobody really knows who he is so it would be a uphill climb but it isn't impossible. However, considering that it would be putting a person who has never been elected to office a heartbeat away from the presidency sort of eviscerates their no experience meme.

Leiberman- bwaww-ha-ha-ha. He may be butthole buddies with MickyKane but nobody trusted Benedict Arnold afterwards and nobody trusts Joe. It would be worth doing to see the riots at the RNC convention.

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