Friday, May 2, 2008

MOVIES- The Dark Nut

This is making the rounds online from the folks at College Humor. It is a bit uncanny. So much so that you have to wonder whether its an homage to the original Tim Burton trailer.

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Gonna be a good summer for comic book movies at least. Iron Man releases tomorrow and will stand or fall on Robert Downey Jr's performance. But if there was an inspired piece of casting, then Downey as Tony Stark is it. In further casting of actors with real chops to play comic book characters, Edward Norton is in the Hulk. I have higher hopes for Iron Man, partly because we've seen it done so many times before. (Starting in the 70's on TV!)

But the really anticipated comic movie and real actor casting has got to be Christian Bale's reprise of Batman. Despite a few misteps, Batman Begins has to be in the top three comic movies of all time. I'm anxious to see what Christopher Nolan has in store.

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