Saturday, May 31, 2008

POLITICS VIDEOGAMES- Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

As you’ve probably heard, an intelligence contractor for the US gov. released pictures they found on a “password protected” (you know, like your home wi-fi network) internet site which were supposedly Al-Qaeda photoshops of plans for a nucular (George Bush) attack on Wershington (John McCain). They turned out to be pictures from a Bethesda Softworks website for Fallout 3- Homunculus Homeland Security: Keystone Kops Edition. The contractor, SITE Intel Group, is based in Bethesda, Maryland as is the eponymously named Bethesda Softworks.

It’s a good thing that Al-Qaeda is a bunch of middle eastern rednecks (you know, hateful, ignorant, inbred, opinionated, bigoted, losers who have to resort to mandates from omnipotent imaginary friends to bolster their self image in the face of the fact that they seem to be on the bottom half of the bell curve- rednecks) because otherwise we’d be in a heap of trouble when you consider that the people supposedly defending us are so…clueless. The Katrina syllogism is in full effect. The major premise is that Katrina was like a terrorist attack with several days of warning. The minor premise is that the government should be able to protect us from terrorist attack. The conclusion is that we’re fucked.

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salvage said...

Yeah I loled at that, the company's huffy reaction that they totally knew! and it's just part of the valuable service they provide to their clients, y'know letting them know that there are people out there who hate America (who aren't Democrats) was even funnier.

Fallout 3 will rock.