Thursday, May 1, 2008

PERSONAL- the First of May

Well it’s May first and we all know what that means!

If you haven’t turned on to Jonathan Coulton yet, shame on you. His songs are funny, musically literate, catchy, and beat the hell out of the overproduced plastic crap they play on pop radio nowadays. Jon is a real troubadour. Lot’s of folks try to make a living out of their artistic endeavors over the Internet, but Coulton has actually made it work. He gushed when I told him he was the Paul Simon of our generation but I stand by it. A singer-songwriter, who combines folk with numerous other styles, writes lyrics that are thoughtful, evocative, funny, and touch the heart. And he’s a geek extraordinare! Actually has a song about fractals that includes Mandelbrot’s equation! Other topics include zombies, writing code for a living, the romantic lives of mad scientists, the romantic lives of Octopi, the secret lives of NPR personalities, the life of George Plimpton, the trials and tribulations of Tom Cruse, and perhaps my favorite, Flickr, which is impossible to categorize except to say that it’s about everything.

There really isn’t a song he’s made that I can say I dislike. But try his recommendations page and then go ahead and send the man your money. You won’t be sorry.

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