Friday, January 9, 2009

POLITICS- Save the Porn Industry

I’m kinda amazed that the TV news has been reporting that Larry Flint and Joe Francis are petitioning the government for $5 billion on behalf of the porn industry with a straight face. I guess if they admit this is a satirical way to point out just how silly it is to give my tax money to failing businesses they are tacitly admitting that it’s a silly idea to give my tax money to failed businesses. It’s a no lose scenario for this pair of plucky entrepreneurs though (plucky, heh heh heh). And it’s obvious in this one question interview with Francis that he and Flint think it’s a pretty good joke. If they can’t get help from the gumment [then] they’ve exposed the hypocrisy of the whole thing. (Not that it’s hard to do so or anything. Finding hypocrisy in Washington isn’t so much like mining for gold as it is digging for dirt.) If they get the money, well, they get the money. If I had an interest group or a business I’d be trying it. But unfortunately, lame-ass-snarky-blogs-that-nobody-reads is a growth industry.

Maybe somebody should go to Washington and ask for help for the taxpayer industry. Oh wait, Obama is going to give us all back $500. The bank bailout (alone, that we know of) has cost every person in the country $2500 each and Obama’s plan will cost $3300 each and they are going to help by giving us back $500 per taxpayer. I’d ask how stupid they think we are but I’m afraid the answer is obvious.

So which is the stupidest? Giving tax money to businesses, the government borrowing money to give to us, or that we haven’t stormed the Bastille yet?

Maybe Larry and Joe could reduce their overhead by just filming the fucking we’re getting from Congress.

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