Monday, January 12, 2009

SPORTS- Football Season Is Over With Two Weeks Left

I don’t post a lot of football posts because, while I love the game, I’m no expert. And even if I was an expert that’s no guarantee I’d have anything to say worth reading. Most of the experts don’t seem to. Oh sure, they get together an hour before the game and go over the injury report, talk about who’s playing well, which teams have the best defense, whether Payton Manning or Tom Brady is a better quarterback. But if you watch the games you know all that and the conversation really isn’t any different than what you’ve already had with your buddies that week. The big difference is that you didn’t have 60 hours that week to watch every game and you don’t get paid for the opinions you pull directly out of your ass. But they might be just as good as the pro’s opinions because they are getting them from the same place.

I find most of the talk in sports either boils down to either “did you see that catch” or some variation of “I believe that whoever is able to score the most points by the end of the game will emerge victorious” (the latter usually from some coach or player). Sure, I realize that the amount of planning that goes into a successful football team is as extensive as any endeavor possibly just short of a NASA launch. But I realize that anything I would think to say will eventually get said somewhere in the millions of words written and spoken each week.

But the last game of the second week of the playoffs just finished and I just wanted to say…


Every damn team I had any interest in seeing win is already out. My local Titans gave away their game by turning over the ball every time they got inside the 30. The NY Giants didn’t have quite as many turnovers but still enough to lose. The Cinderella Miami Dolphins, who nobody would have given you a rat’s ass for after their 1-15 season last year made it to the playoffs only to lose their first game. The staple playoff team Indianapolis, ditto. Their arch rivals the New England Patriots didn’t even make the playoffs after nearly going undefeated last year. Dallas bombed after being the smart money pick for Superbowl champs at the beginning of the season.

So I’m left with only two precious weeks of football left in the season and not a single team to root for. What a waste.

Well, there is always the football fan’s mantra- WAIT ‘TILL NEXT YEAR.

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