Wednesday, January 9, 2008

POLITICS- Hillary Clinton Loves Change

Hillary Clinton is the candidate of change and she can prove it because she’s been changing things for the last 35 years. Who has experience in leadership which stretches all the way back to…

…the year 2000.

Completing an extraordinary metamorphosis from political neophyte to polished candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton -- the first first lady ever to run for office -- defeated Representative Rick Lazio yesterday in a closely fought race for Daniel Patrick Moynihan's Senate seat from New York.

I’m beginning to understand why people hate the Clintons. Do they even hear themselves speak? Hillary continues to run on a platform of:
“I’m against the war even though I voted for it.”
“I’m against the war but plan to keep the troops in Iraq.”
“I’m the person to change healthcare because I failed so miserably when I tried to do it the last time.”
“I’m strong enough to stand up to terrorism unless they gang up on me in a debate or ask me how I do it.”
“I’m the experienced candidate who never actually got around for running for anything until just lately.”

And the Democrats are thinking of nominating her. Keeping intact their platform of: turning victory into defeat against all odds,

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