Wednesday, January 9, 2008

POLITICS- Why New Hampshire, Why?

So New Hampshire’s primary is history and the question on every pundit’s lips was “How can I shoehorn the results into my pre-written script”. Hillary Clinton has been the front runner for the last year but then something odd happened. Somebody got to vote. And it seems that Americans wanted change. And they got it. Overnight every poll changed to make the election of Obama a fait acompli. Clinton got choked up answering a question. The vultures circled. The crack in her voice was reported as anything from crying to breaking down. Drudge started wondering when she would get out of the race.

And then some other people voted. And now all that’s over. Back to script #1- Clinton can’t be beat. The comeback kid! And why? Conventional wisdom says it was because women didn’t like her being “ganged up on” during the debate or felt sorry for her when she got choked up or women are angry or people didn’t like being told what to do by the press.

After the reelection of the president last time, newsmakers don’t have a clue what makes the electorate tick. The comparisons between voter turnout and the number of people who vote for American Idol has been made, now the media has gone the second step and decided that we are voting for the same reasons we vote for American Idol winners. You like the kid that looks the most like you. Somebody has nice hair, or you feel sorry for them, or you like the way they talk.

God help us, it might just be true.

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