Sunday, January 6, 2008

TECHNOLOGY- Wireless HD Specification

The WirelessHD consortium has agreed on a standard! Now you are going to be able to hang your flat screen television wherever you want and not have to worry about hiding the wires (except for the power cord, of course). And when you want to rearrange the room you just spackle in the holes from the old mount and off you go. It also spells the end of the egregious TV and equipment cabinet/stand that is sitting in virtually every living room in the country. Stereo equipment, videogames, DVD players can sit anywhere in the room that they are more convenient. I expect my equipment will now find a spot in a custom coffee table, out of sight but right at hand. Projection aficionados should also rejoice. As projectors get brighter, smaller and now are wireless the number of places they can be comfortably installed increases greatly.

It’s not impossible to envision camcorders using the tech to synchronize video to computers, though I haven’t seen any plans for such applications. The world will be a better place when, after being out shooting video and still pictures all day I can just tell my cameras to sync with the computer and all the data would be transferred wirelessly. It’s easy to see other applications.

In addition to carrying 2 1080P streams the standard can also carry audio and includes universal remote control specs. It should have a range of about 10 meters and not pass through walls.

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