Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HUMOR- Doug Stanhope

There are a lot of folks who have been billed as the new Bill Hicks. From what I’ve seen, this is usually as bad as all the bands during the 80s that got called the new Beatles (Duran Duran, Loverboy, the Georgia Satellites for frack’s sake). But the other day I saw a fellow that actually reminded me of Hicks. His name is Doug Stanhope. See what I mean.

Doug’s DVD, NO REFUNDS, is available from Netflix (even as a download) and there are several clips on YouTube. Check this guy out. He is the best comedian I’ve seen via the download service from Netflix so far. (Beat hell out of the Zak Galakanakis show I caught there.) I am a little confused at what algorithm their suggestions program is using when liking this referred me to American Hardcore and The Nazis: A Warning History, neither of which I've seen but that don't seem to be comedies.

BTW, if you have Nexflix and aren’t using the download feature you’re missing out. While the quality is poor, the search engine is abysmal, and the selection is meager, the price is certainly right. Unlimited downloads whatever plan you use (a recent upgrade).

While you’re there, check out GILBERT GOTTFRIED: DIRTY JOKES. Be warned, these are not only some of the dirtiest jokes you’ve ever heard but they are also probably jokes you have heard before. Gilbert apparently lifted the whole show from a session of his friends sitting around drunk one night, almost nothing is original. OTOH, even though I’m not a real fan of blue humor I still found myself cracking up repeatedly, mostly because of Godfried’s delivery (which is somewhat more subdued than his regular stage persona) and incredible timing. (However, only aficionados of total gross out humor need keep the show running when he closes with his version of The Aristocrats.)

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