Tuesday, February 12, 2008

POLITICS- Obama is a fascist

Jonah Goldberg continues to shoehorn everything into his Liberal Fascism box with the complete lack of a sense of irony that characterizes the right wing. Today the subject is how Barack Obama is a fascist. (Swear to God!) To do this he More than anything he reminds me of an old Jerry Clower comedy routine where he tells someone they are ‘educated beyond their intelligence’. It’s telling that his blog doesn’t invite comments. Such a soap bubble construction has to be protected at all costs. Here are some of the quotes from today’s blog entry that prove you can’t do satire anymore.

“He often makes it sound like he has been selected by forces of providence or God or simply history for this moment.”

Whereas if he just came out and said that God had chosen him to lead that would be all right.

“As I discuss at length in the book, totalitarianism was for Mussolini a way of uniting businesses, classes, regions, religions, institutions and people from “all walks of life” — in Obama’s words — in a common cause for the common good.”

There’s nothing more fascist than claiming to be a uniter rather than a divider. And if you say any different then you must not be patriotic.

“This was a sacred, spiritual, calling. ‘Fascism,’ Il Duce declared time and again, ‘is a religion.’”

Wow. Just, wow. This from a member of the party that equates conservatism with religion and stages political meetings in churches

“In other words, God had chosen his preferred economic system, and any religious faith, doctrine or revelation that suggested otherwise must be false.”

And we all know that’s capitalism. After all, didn’t Jesus talk at length about how important it was to amass all the riches you can? It was the godless communists who invented taking care of everyone.

The whole thing goes on like that. My first thought was to repost the whole article and use “find and replace” to exchange Obama’s name with Bush’s but I leave that as an exercise for the reader.

I haven’t addressed Goldberg’s book because it’s so full of prevarication and mendacity that even the Right is laughing at it. One of the opening comments is how the word “fascism” is such a loaded term that it has become a Godwin trigger in discussions. He then goes on for hundreds of pages to apply it to his political enemies. Apparently every political movement except Neoconservatism is fascist. Goldberg is like a pseudo-intellectual Ann Coulter without the anorexia (or the balls).

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