Sunday, February 3, 2008


Had to drop a line here on Superbowl Sunday though I feel like I’ve been trying to die for the last couple of weeks. Super Sunday kicks off a super week as Super Tuesday is only two days away. It’s been the best football season I can remember. And here we have the Giants playing the Patriots. The Patriots are trying to cap a perfect season and their fourth SB victory since 9-11. The Giants are returning for the first time since they won during the first Iraq War in 1990.

And Arlen Specter is thinking of sticking his nose into the signal stealing incident that started the season. Seems Mr. Spector doesn’t have the Gulianies to take the administration to task for the disappearance of the videotapes showing our government torturing people, so he’s decided to look into the disappearance of the tapes the Patriots made trying to steal other teams signals. He says NFL Commissioner Goodell’s statement about why he destroyed the tapes “doesn’t ring true” and he wants to meet with him. I don’t know if this is an example of the incredible ego of the ruling class or just another way the Republicans are trying to draw attention to anything other than their incredible incompetence and carpetbagging for the last eight years. Instead of protecting the constitution and country from a president or his own party that has thumbed his nose at checks and balances, Spector has decided to micromanage the NFL. And regarding missing videotapes! Wingnuts percieve irony like a dog staring at a Jackson Pollack painting.

No laws were violated, no one was injured, a friggin’ sports rule was broken. President Bush thinks he’s a king. Arlen Spector thinks he’s running football. The Republicans wonder why they won’t be winning this election. And the pundits wonder why everyone in the country thinks the government has become a malignancy.

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